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Why choose an ACAF member for your project? PDF Print E-mail


It is important that when customers choose a contractor for a project, they believe they are getting their money’s worth. When they choose an ACAF member, they are getting a FDOT certified and approved asphalt contractor and producer. ACAF members have a proven track record and one that is a long time established business with many companies 50 to 75 years old. ACAF members have all certified laboratories and technicians that assure quality and abide by the warranty they profess. ACAF members are the quiet professionals who have invested in their plants and equipment to assure the work is done properly, professionally, and meets and exceeds specification requirements. Many are also members of the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) and continue to be the largest and best asphalt contractors in the state.

Most started as a family business and live and work in your community. They pay taxes, coach little league, and shop in the same stores you do. They work hard to provide for their families and have the same dreams and aspirations for their kids as you do for yours. ACAF members pursue their dreams of opportunity, reward, societal contribution, and happiness that come through hard work and dedication. ACAF members are good neighbors.

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Regular Members:

Ajax Paving Industries of Florida .. General Asphalt Company, Inc. . Preferred Materials, Inc.
Anderson Columbia Co., Inc. Halley Engineering Contractors, Inc. Ranger Construction Industries
Asphaltbabe, LLC Hubbard Construction Company The de Moya Group
C.W. Roberts Contracting, Inc. The Middlesex Corporation The Lane Construction Corp.
Community Asphalt Corporation MidSouth Paving V.A. Paving, Inc.
D.A.B. Constructors, Inc. Okeechobee Asphalt & Ready Mix Concrete .. V.E. Whitehurst & Sons, Inc.
Duval Asphalt Products, Inc. P&S Paving, Inc. Weekley Asphalt Paving, Inc.
GAC Contractors Peavy & Son Construction Co., Inc.

Associate Members:

aXeon Specialty Products .... Hunt Refining Company . Roberts and Roberts, Inc.
Blacklidge Emulsions, Inc. Ingevity Sargeant Marine, Inc.
BlackRock Milling Lhoist North America SealMaster of Florida
Bonness Inc. Marathon Petroleum Company........................ Shell Bitumen
CEMEX Mariani Asphalt Company South Florida Materials Corp.
Dickerson Florida, Inc. Martin Marietta Materials Trafigura Trading LLC (TCPU)
E.R. Jahna Industries, Inc. Maxxchem, LLC Vulcan Materials Company
Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc. . Mill-It Corporation White Rock Quarries
Gardner Asphalt Supply Owens Corning Trumbull Zydex Industries, Inc.
Gator Grading & Paving, LLC Road Science

Affiliate Members:

Acme Barricades ....... New Fortress Energy Ring Power Corporation
Advance Testing Company, Inc. Gencor Industries, Inc. Roadtec, Inc.
Asphalt Testing Solutions, Inc. GS Equipment Sakai America
Atlantic Supply Gulf Terminal Corporation TransPremier, LLC
Bob's Barricades, Inc. Interconn Resources, LLC Triple G Enterprises, Inc.
Bomag Americas Inc. InstroTek, Inc. Wirtgen America Inc.
Cal-Tech Testing, Inc. Kelly Tractor Company
CTI Construction Testing and Inspection . L30 Traffic Control
Dillon Transport, Inc. Linder Industrial Machinery Company
Emerald Coast Striping, LLC Maxam Equipment, Inc.
Flagler Construction Equipment, LLC Nortrax Inc.

Our mission is to improve the quality of asphalt and expand its use.