The Perpetual Pavement Award

The Perpetual Pavement Award is presented by the Asphalt Pavement Alliance and recognizes long life asphalt pavements. These national awards are given to owners of asphalt pavements that are at least 35 years old and have never had a structural failure. The average interval between resurfacing of each winning pavement must be no less than 13 years, and no more than 4 inches of pavement can be added to the original design.  The road must demonstrate the characteristics expected from long-life asphalt pavements: excellence in design, quality in construction and value for the traveling public.


State Road 40 in Marion County from MP 23.528 to 26.540.

Originally Constructed: 1954


State Road 9 (I-95) in St. Johns County from MP 25.504 to MP 34.855.

Originally Constructed: 1964


State Road 500 (US 192) in Brevard County from MP 9.863 to MP 13.033.

Originally Constructed: 1982


State Road 50 in Sumter County from MM 0.208 to 4.473.

Originally Constructed: 1950


State Road 415 in Volusia County from MP 7.446 to 17.59.

Originally Constructed: 1956


State Road 93 (I-75) in Alachua County from MP 0.0 to 9.27.

Originally Constructed: 1962


State Road 44 in Lake County from the intersection of CR 437 to the Volusia County line, between MP 7.82 and 24.08.

Originally Constructed: 1959


State Route A1A in Brevard County from MP 27.89 to 30.13. The road was built in the 1930s or 1940s and completely reconstructed in 1959 to widen it. SR A1A had only one asphalt overlay in 1992.

Originally Constructed: 1930/1940s


State Road 55/U.S. 19 in Levy County, from the Citrus County line to State Road 121.

Originally Constructed: 1975


State Road 997 in Miami-Dade County from MP 0.6 to 13.8. 

Originally Constructed: 1961


State Road 45/US 41 Northbound in Sarasota County. 

Originally Constructed: 1975