Flexible Pavement Committee

The Flexible Pavement Committee is a joint committee between Florida DOT and ACAF.  The Co-Chairs of the committee are Howie Moseley (FDOT State Flexible Pavement Materials Engineer) and Jim Warren (ACAF Executive Director).  The meeting currently is held in the spring of each year in a central location. The committee has a mailing list but no formal membership. All are invited to attend and participate.  The purpose of the committee is to be a forum to discuss issues and items of interest to the Asphalt Industry.

Meeting Minutes

March 2019 Flexible Pavement Committee Minutes

Presentation – Upcoming HVS Experiments

Presentation – Ride Acceptance GIS App.

Presentation – FDOT-BE194 Low Volume Road High RAP Report

Presentation – FDOT Binder Specification – NASH

Presentation – MACBinder Test Summary Report – How To

Presentation – HiMA Construction 2019

Presentation – HP Binder Memo

Presentation – Distributor-Tack-Prime Task Group Update

Presentation – FCP Specification Update

March 2018 Flexible Pavement Committee Minutes

Presentation – FPC Research Update – Wayne Allick

Presentation – FPC – Greg Sholar

March 2017  Flexible Pavement Committee Minutes

HVS Presentation – 20170323 FPC – Wayne Allick

March 2016 Flexible Pavement Committee Meeting Minutes