Flexible Pavement Committee

 The Flexible Pavement Committee is a joint committee between the Florida Department of Transportation and the Association.  The Co-Chairs of the Committee are Howie Moseley ( State Bituminous Materials Engineer, FDOT) and Mark Musselman (President, ACAF).  The meeting currently is held in the spring of each year in a central location. The committee has a mailing list but no formal membership. All are invited to attend and participate.  The purpose of the committee is to be a forum to discuss issues and items of interest to the Asphalt Industry.

Meeting Minutes

March 2019 Flexible Pavement Committee Minutes

Presentation – Upcoming HVS Experiments

Presentation – Ride Acceptance GIS App.

Presentation – FDOT-BE194 Low Volume Road High RAP Report

Presentation – FDOT Binder Specification – NASH

Presentation – MACBinder Test Summary Report – How To

Presentation – HiMA Construction 2019

Presentation – HP Binder Memo

Presentation – Distributor-Tack-Prime Task Group Update

Presentation – FCP Specification Update

March 2018 Flexible Pavement Committee Minutes

Presentation – FPC Research Update – Wayne Allick

Presentation – FPC – Greg Sholar

March 2017  Flexible Pavement Committee Minutes

HVS Presentation – 20170323 FPC – Wayne Allick

March 2016 Flexible Pavement Committee Meeting Minutes