Pavement Award Criteria & Scoring

The A.P. Bolton award, named in honor of one of the charter members who has done so much for the industry and whose reputation for quality work is his hallmark, is the Association’s highest award. ACAF’s Road Builder Award is the Association’s next highest award and is now split between Urban and Rural projects. Through its Roads and Streets Award, ACAF also recognizes quality on lower tonnage State, City, or County roads.

Applications for 2022 are now closed!

Projects submitted for consideration must have been completed within the previous calendar year.


New construction, reconstruction, or major overlay on Interstate or multi-lane primary highway with 30,000 tons minimum.


Urban Resurfacing (may include widening but not additional lanes) on State primary highway or county highway. 10,000 tons minimum or the equivalent of 5 miles of 24’ roadway. Urban is defined as 51.0% or more of the project is in a curb and gutter section.


Rural Resurfacing (may include widening but not additional lanes). State primary highway or rural county highway. 10,000 tons minimum or equivalent of 5
miles of 24’ roadway. Rural is defined as 51.0% or more of the project has paved shoulders.


New construction, reconstruction, or overlay with a 5,000-ton minimum. Both FDOT and Non-FDOT projects are acceptable.


Any project of a special or unique nature requiring specialized equipment, techniques, materials, time restrictions, or operating conditions. These projects
would not be eligible for any of the other ACAF Awards as listed above. Projects may include, but are not limited to: Port Terminal Paving, Heavy Duty Applications, Airfield Paving, Race Tracks, Landfill Liners, Reservoir Liners, and other special projects will be considered. There is no minimum tonnage requirement. A special committee will be formed to evaluate these applications.


FDOT Projects will be rated based on the quality of the mix, the ride, and a visual rating. The three criteria will be weighted as follows: Mix Quality 40%, Ride 40%, Visual 20%. Non-FDOT projects will be rated based on the letter of recommendation, submitted pictures, and a possible site visit.


The quality of the mix will be rated based on the combined PWL Pay Factor for all the tons produced on the project. Minimum: The combined PWL for all the mix produced on the project must be a minimum of 97%.

Asphalt Base 5,000 tons PWL = 1.00
Structural 20,0000 tons PWL = 0.98
Friction 6,000 tons PWL = 1.02
[1.00 (5000) + 0.98 (20,000) + 1.02 (6000)] / 31,000 = 0.991 combined weighted PWL


The ride will be based on either the number of 15 foot Rolling Straightedge Deficiencies (RSE) or Ride Number (RN) or International Roughness Indicator (IRI) obtained through the Laser Profiler. Rating is based on the initially measured ride on the final pavement/friction layer only.

MINIMUM: Project must have less than 1 RSE deficiencies per 2 lane miles (average for the job), a minimum RN of 4.1, or an IRI of 50 or less to be considered for an award. This applies to the friction course only. Projects not meeting this minimum ride standard will be returned.


Each pavement is rated on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 being unacceptable and 100 being perfect. In these procedures, normal good construction should be rated in the 70’s, very good in the 80’s, and excellent construction should be rated in the 90’s. Rate each lane at the posted speed based on 4 criteria: Ride, Longitudinal Joints, Transverse Joints, and Surface Texture. Use the diagram provided below to determine the lane (R1, R2, etc. for the rating form). Write your rating in each corresponding slot and sum each lane. When you are finished, please average each lane to determine a project average. The final
project rating is the project average divided by 400.

Ride: Seat of the pants (how the public would perceive the ride).
Longitudinal Joints: uniform & tight
Transverse Joints: uniform & tight
Surface Texture: Appearance of the completed mat (# of patches, segregation, roller marks, crushed aggregate; the appearance of Tie-ins, Ramps, tapers, cross-over’s.)

Project Scoring

The final ratings for FDOT projects will be determined by:
District Rating: Mix Quality 40%, Ride 40%, Visual 20%

Statewide Rating: Mix Quality 30%, Ride 30%, Visual 40%

District Winners

To win a District Award, the pavement must have the highest score in its District in the category AND score in the top 50% of all pavements submitted across the state in its category.